Do you really know what you need in your employees?

  January 11, 2017

Getting the right candidates for a role is becoming harder and harder for businesses, especially when it comes to graduate recruitment. Recent research shows that 14% of graduates offered a role will turn it down, leaving companies with growing numbers of unfilled graduate vacancies. But how can you combat this?

There are several different factors in play including long on-boarding processes and poor marketing, but in a large proportion if cases graduates refuse roles because they simply aren't the right fit. While this is frustrating for businesses who spend time and effort attracting graduates only to lose them at the last hurdle, it is better than the alternative which involves hiring candidates who aren't right and having to replace them when they leave in three months. But neither situation is really ideal, so how can businesses skip these expensive and frustrating steps and move straight to hiring the right person?

To start with organisations need to be extremely clear about what it is they want from their candidates, and what the job role they are offering is really about. Vague or misleading job descriptions are a key way to lose out on top talent, because the wrong people are applying due to simple misunderstandings. But the job description isn't the only issue, businesses need to market themselves well; too many companies rely on their name to attract the right candidates, but really you need to demonstrate your values, because while skills can be taught, values can't, so make sure you hire people who share yours.

Luckily hiring the right person doesn't have to be difficult; with HappyWork you don't have to rely on vague Cvs and guess work to match the perfect candidate to your role because we have developed a unique tool to help do the matching for you. Find the right candidate in six minutes, not six months, and keep them.