How to keep hold of your millennials

  January 11, 2017

If you run a graduate scheme at your organisation then your HR team, and relevant managers will almost certainly have had the 'millennials talk' at some point namely 'how do we keep hold of our millennials?' It's a question that has plagued businesses for years now, and it seems most are no closer to a solution. Report after report continues to highlight how millennial employees are so much more likely to job hop, leaving their first role after only a year or 18 months and moving to competitors for bigger pay checks and quicker career progression. Is it just the way millennials are? Should businesses simply accept that fact and leave them to it, doing what they can to stem the tide, while simultaneously planning for the inevitable departure of their young staff.

There's certainly a sub-set of graduate employees who are driven by a need for pastures new on a regular basis, and admittedly there does appear to be an overarching culture of 'move on, move fast.' But that's not to say that every millennial seeks to move on quickly, in fact most just do so because they just chose poorly in the first place. Few graduates really know what they want to do when they leave university so a large proportion simply apply for anything and everything in the dim hope of getting a job event remotely related to their degree subject. And because employers only have the vague information provided on a CV and the educational background of these young recruits, it's near impossible for either party to make an informed decision about what might be the right match. It's no wonder then that so many graduates are dissatisfied with their first jobs and elect to leave shortly after; for a generation that follows the mantra of 'you only live once' why would they waste time in a job they don't enjoy, but equally why would a business want a candidate that isn't enjoying their job or even very good at it?

For both sides it's about finding something to fill the gap even if it's not quite right, and while this is understandable, it's not really a very good plan in the long run. Both parties end up dissatisfied, when all it would require is a little bit more effort at the beginning, and some smarter recruitment strategies to help match the right people with the right roles, and that is where HappyWork can help. Our tried and tested recruitment process is scientifically designed to match the right people with the right roles, and it's not just based on arbitrary information such as grades and degree subject. Instead we invite employers to complete a full profile for their candidates which can include competency assessments, and values, to make sure you are matched with people who actually fit your company, as well as the job role. Plus it only takes six minutes, so you could literally find the right candidate today.