Solving the challenges of your organisation through people

  February 15, 2017

As a business you will come up against a constant slew of challenges, and finding ways to address these is paramount to not just success, but also basic survival in a highly competitive marketplace. The solutions to the challenges you are facing/will face will naturally vary depending on what they are, but if there’s one thing that will always be true, it’s that the success of these solutions will ultimately depend on one thing: your people.

It doesn't matter if you are looking to implement a new business system, bring about a large scale culture change or even restructure your workforce, the success of all of these ventures will depend on how effectively your employees engage with and support them. You need employees who are on board with the changes, trust the vision of the business and embody its values. Without this, you're likely to see dissent and disengagement, and will struggle to implement any changes, no matter the positive impact they will have for your staff in the long run.

The answer therefore is to have the right people in the right roles, not only will this help ensure engagement and support of proposed changes, it also means you have the skills, knowledge and experience within your workforce to pave the way for a smooth transition. If you are rolling out a new IT system for example, you need to have people in place who understand it, and can support the rest of the workforce in understanding and using it properly too. For culture change you want 'change champions', people who embody what you are trying to do. Whatever the challenges your business is facing, your people are always the answer; from your graduates right though to your most senior employees; making sure you have the right people in your company will always be key to long term success, whatever you're aiming to do.