The curse of the graduate recruitment company

  January 11, 2017

Graduate recruitment is a complex task, trying to find the right person for your vacancies when there's very little tangible information to go on is considerably complex and time consuming. It's no wonder then that so many companies rely on outside help to recruit for their roles, but while it makes sense to a degree, the truth is that often it's a false economy. Hiring the right person is a very personal task, it takes a lot of insight and instinct to decide on the right person for your company, and using a recruitment company takes away a significant level of control, leaving key decisions in the hands of individuals that don't fully understand the ethos and culture of your company. However managing recruitment in-house is a time consuming and extensive process, and often it appears to be most cost-effective and efficient to allow a recruitment company to handle at least the initial stages. It's a conundrum that many businesses face, and in the standard graduate recruitment process there are few ways around the challenge, but with the HappyWork we want to change this. While we may appear to be another graduate recruitment company, we firmly believe in putting you in control. Our job profile is designed to be tailored to your needs, allowing you to specify exactly what it is you want from your ideal candidate, while allowing us to do the hard work of matching your profile with the right person.