Why you need to let your grads do what they do best – whatever it is

  March 06, 2017

As a graduate employer you don't tend to hire graduates for a specific role; you hire them with the intention of moulding them into the employee you believe your business will need in the future. This is why a lot of businesses will run a graduate scheme that involves rotation through the various parts of the business; to help both the graduate and the business identify where the individual's skills lie, and how to utilise these skills to best serve the needs of the organisation.

But while this approach makes sense to a degree, the challenge is that in order to get a job with your organisation candidates will be required to demonstrate certain attributes and capabilities, and as we all know, when applying for a job, we often over exaggerate our skills in order to wow our potential employer. As a result you are not only likely to recruit individuals who perhaps don't fully live up to expectations, but you will probably be missing out on hiring individuals with skill that really could help your business. Furthermore, once they are hired, these candidates will typically feel required to downplay certain aspects of their skill-set in order to 'fit in' with what is expected and what they've been hired for.

But while it is important to hire people that fit the strategic direction of your business, it's also important to hire people who genuinely possess those skills, and not only embrace those identified skills, but all the others they bring along with it. As young employees, new to the world of work, so many graduates hide their proverbial light under a bushel, and as a result they feel restricted in what they can do, and the business never benefits from the full extent of the skills their youngest employees possess.

We've witnessed this occurring in so many organisations, and seen the fallout (graduates leaving for roles where they can use their full skill-set), and we want to help both businesses and graduates avoid this fate. We want to help make sure that businesses are really able to hire the best people for their organisation, and that in turn new graduates are able to find a role that matches and utilises their unique skills and passions. By creating a mutually beneficial partnership where both parties can be clear about who they are and what they need, we believe businesses and graduates can find greater success.