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Conventional Hiring of Recent University Graduates: A Process in Need of Improvement

The average graduate employer spends £2,000 to market one vacancy and receives 39 applications. Not bad, right?

Well, consider these disadvantages: Many Bachelor’s graduates lack formal work experience, approach the process with little idea of what to do, and write look-alike CVs.

If you hire a recruitment agent, you’ll pay 20% of the first year salary for the privilege of accessing a relatively modest database of recent graduates that may fail to yield even one outstanding individual.

Not surprisingly, 1 in 4 graduates leave their first job within 12 months. In many cases, the full cost of replacing a graduate employee is around £30,000.

Finally – a Better System, Courtesy of Happy Work

Happy Work carefully considers who you require for each graduate role, and finds graduate job-seekers that fit your ideal profile. You spend less time obtaining high-quality candidates, gain greater insight into each candidate, and fill your open positions with recent graduates more likely to succeed in your company.

By measuring more than 60 data points – including competencies and motives, as well as numerical and verbal reasoning ability – Happy Work delivers a candidate pool that simply can’t be matched via traditional means. You no longer need to sift through as many CVs or meet with as many candidates. Thanks to Happy Work, you’re able to tailor your interviews in ways that put you in a better position to consistently make the right graduate hiring decisions.

The groundbreaking Happy Work system is an advancement over conventional job boards and assessment days.

It saves graduate hiring managers substantial money and time.

Acquire a new level of intelligence on each graduate candidate’s competency potential and intellectual capacity; greatly improve your hiring process.

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