What We Do
For Employers

We use scientifically valid personality, numerical and verbal reasoning assessments to match university graduates with the targeted roles of graduate employers.

The Conventional Route:

- The average graduate employer spends £2,000 to market one vacancy.

- Average number of applications received for one graduate role: 39.

- This works out at £51.28 per graduate CV.

- In the second phase, many graduate employers schedule assessment centres to test the personality traits and skill set of their graduate applicants. To assess 10 individuals, the employer typically pays for one Course Director, five assessors, 10 full report exercises, room hire... Staffing and test costs for the second round begin at £4,000.

- Successful candidates are shortlisted, invited for final interviews and provided with job offers.

Problems with this route:

- Most 21 year old Bachelor's graduates do not have formal work experience and their CVs can look very similar.

- After university, many rush their application process without knowing what to do, or where to do it.

- 1 in 4 graduates leave their first job within 12 months.

- It costs £30k to replace the average grad employee on £25k/year in lost income, re-hiring and re-training.

Our Solution:

- Specify the competencies, motives, numeracy and verbal reasoning level, highest education achievement and Visa required.

- Would this be your ideal candidate? Say, for a sales job? Or, human resources, or nursing, or the police force?

- Send us an email with HELLO in the subject if you would like to meet, to hello@happywork.com.

If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you.

You can contact us at hello@happywork.com.

Thank you for your time.