Are you prepared to say no to a graduate job?

  January 11, 2017

According to research around 14% of graduates will turn down an offer of employment from graduate recruiters – are you one of them?

With so much competition for jobs these days the idea of turning down a guaranteed job may seem a little scary – but what if the job doesn't feel quite right? Perhaps you just applied for the sake of it, but not it's crunch time you're not quite sure the role or the company are right for you. What do you do – do you take the job and hope it's what you want? Do you take the job and keep looking elsewhere? Or do you reject it and keep searching for 'the one'? The third option is what many people would probably like to do, but with no income and the prospect of having to live with parents – is it ever wise to turn down a job, even if you're not sure it's right?

The practical side of you might say 'how can you know it's not right unless you try'? Fair enough, maybe if it's close to what you want but not quite there, it could be worth giving it a shot. But if you've always wanted to work in HR, and you're about to take a job in accounting, perhaps the disparity is too much?

But it's a guaranteed job! I can't say no. I need the money, and it's really good money.

Another common scenario that you might encounter is you've been accepted for a few jobs, and amongst them is the job you view as 'the one', but there's also a slightly less interesting role, but boy does it pay well. Which do you choose – money or 'the one'? After all maybe you wouldn't actually enjoy the dream job once you do it, and you'll regret turning down the money. But if you take the money you may never know what it feels like to love your job. What to do?

This is the conundrum graduates get themselves into every year. Filling out application, after application with no real attention being paid to what you're applying for because 'I'll never get it' means graduates are forced to ask themselves difficult questions. It's an impossible situation, and one that creates so much stress for graduates every year.

But what if you could ask yourself these questions before you start applying; what if you could write down in a job application what it is that you're really after, what you're really good at, what kind of company you'd like to work for? And what if you didn't have to apply for specific roles, but instead someone matched your wants and needs with the perfect job for you? Like a dating service but for jobs? What if you could use science and logic to help decide where to work? Why doesn't something like this exist? You may ask.

Well it does - Welcome to HappyWork. Join the thousands of other graduates who have already signed up and completed their profile, and taken the first step to happiness at work. Complete your profile today and we can help match you to your perfect job, you won’t need to worry about saying no, we’ll help you say yes.