Are you ready to wait for months for a graduate role, because you'll probably have to

  February 06, 2017

Graduating is an exciting time; the world seems so full of promise as you get that coveted degree and begin your search for the career of your dreams. Full of hope you send out applications to all your top choice companies, ready to land that perfect job. But as the rejection letters (or complete silence) come back from those companies and roles you begin to widen your search until you're on the verge of applying for a till job at your local supermarket.

Until you finally get an invite to an assessment centre for an amazing graduate scheme with a big, big name. Super excited, you are sure you'll be strutting your stuff in your new workplace in a few short weeks.

Or perhaps not.

On average reports show that the time it takes to be recruited for a typical grad scheme placement is around 13 weeks. More than three months between applying for a role and signing that beautiful contract; and that's assuming you actually get the job, which unfortunately is far from guaranteed. It's not wonder that so many graduates get so disheartened when applying for their first 'real' jobs, and why so many smart, hard-working individuals end up taking on jobs they are vastly overqualified for, and that simply aren't right.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could save some of that time and just find the right job straight off, and apply without all the hassle, assessment centres and numerous interviews. If a company could just find out everything they wanted to know about you in one easy place, and using more than your degree ranking and padded out CV, find out who you really are, and if you're the right candidate for them, it would surely be much quicker.

Well that's what we thought too, which is how Happy Work came about; to make job hunting easy for individuals, and recruitment easy for employers. So if you're not willing to wait three months, why not take 45 minutes to fill out your Happy Work profile (which is totally free, BTW) and we'll do the matching for you. Your dream job is at your fingertips.