Are you thinking about your future or just your career?

  May 21, 2017

When you leave university it's natural that most of your efforts will be focussed on finding a job, or even better, a career. 'Get a good education, so you can get a good career', that's what most of us are told. But what about a good life? We're often led to believe that they are the same thing, but while having a good career is important, it's not the only factor of 'a good life'. What these other factors are will typically depend on what's important to you; it could be friends, family, social activities, travel, or any number of other things, and for many of us our career is what enables us to be able to take part in all these other things. But how can you make sure your career doesn't overshadow the rest of your life?

It's definitely not always an easy thing to accomplish; when you first set out in your career it's not uncommon that you feel an unspoken pressure to put all your effort into your job, and other elements can easily slip down the totem pole of importance. And if all your friends are doing the same thing, there may be no one to help you refocus on what's really important. But as the old maxim goes: no one on their death bed has ever wished they'd worked harder.

So first thing is first: decide what is important to you. It might be your career. But it might be your friends and family, the chance to do new things, having the chance to give back, or being able to buy lots of material goods. It doesn't matter what it is, that's for you to decide, no one else; and once you have, make sure you aim to find a career that facilitates these things instead of detracting from them. Just because you have to work doesn't mean you can't do all the other things you want to do, and if you take the time to find the right role, you could well find that your job could even provide many other these things. At Happy Work, we've seen what happen when people just focus on their career above everything else, and in the long run it rarely works out, so fill in your Happy Work profile, find out what it is that motivates you and what's important to you, and we'll help you find a role that fits you. Then you can focus on creating the perfect life for yourself, rather than just having the perfect job.