Building a Network of Valuable Contacts

  August 21, 2017

Expand your network and introduce yourself to others in your industry and workplace. Research has shown that people with a wider network of contacts are more successful.

An oh-so-true cliche: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Building relationships is absolutely vital for career success.

In 1996, Robert Zajonc found that people develop a preference for things merely because they’re familiar with them. This articles teaches you how to use this to your advantage.

Would you agree that university prepared you for conversations on a variety of topics, with people from diverse backgrounds?

Would you say that university improved your banter; your general “chit-chat” skill?

Would you say your degree has provided you with a greater sense of self-confidence?

All three attributes – adaptability, affability, and confidence – will be important to develop strong relationships with colleagues and mentors, at company gatherings, networking events, and in other settings.

You’re now in demand. Be strategic about your business relationships. Your spare time is precious. Spend it wisely, with people worth associating with. Be generous: Try to give even more than you get. And listen more than you talk.