Coping with stress

  May 03, 2017

While the older generation may thing the university student's life is a breeze compared to the world of work, the truth is that uni life, and job hunting as a graduate is anything but. Deadlines for final assignments, pressure to find a 'good job' and having virtually no money is no walk in the park, so it's no wonder that so many university students suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety, especially in their final year. While it's not an ideal scenario, it does present a prime opportunity to develop strategies for coping with stress, because sadly, it doesn't actually get much easier when you do find a job, and start earning money, so check out our tips on dealing effectively:

Be more mindful – you've probably heard about mindfulness, and there's a reason for this: it really does help. Just taking a moment to really, truly focus on what is going on in and around you at any given moment, gives your overworked brain a chance to reboot and refresh. For help on getting started, just Google mindfulness and you'll have plenty of help to choose from.

Talk it out – friends, family, tutors, online forums, helplines; there are so many options when it comes to talking out your problems that there's little excuse not to do it. Eve just a quick rant about anything and everything can do wonders for stress levels, as long as you let it go afterwards. For more intense support, see what resources are available near you.

Have a plan – if you're starting to feel overwhelmed by everything you've got to face, then come up with a plan to tackle it all. If you're worried about final exams, design a study timetable. If you're worried about finding a job then plan out what you'll do to achieve this (and don't forget to use Happy Work as we can do all the hard work for you). And if you're worried about money, come up with a budget and try to stick to it.

There's plenty more you can do to help with stress levels, so explore what works for you, and put some strategies into place.