Developing the skills graduate employers really want

  January 11, 2017

In our recent blog, we explored what it is that employers now look for in graduates, aside from educational background, and it's been shown time and again that behavioural competencies are not just as (and sometimes more) important than technical ability in many roles. Employers are now coming to recognise that having the right behaviours in place, alongside technical knowledge, is the only way to ensure success, both for the individual and the business. But as we explored last time, the behavioural skills businesses are looking for are fairly specific, and generally they include:


Decision making and problem solving


Organisational skills

Commercial awareness

Negotiation skills


If the list above is making you panic that you're never going to succeed in the businesses world, never fear, because in our new blog series, we'll be exploring each of these skills one by one, looking at what they mean in a business context, possible examples you could use to demonstrate these skills, and also some techniques to help develop them.

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