Developing the skills graduate employers really want – Leadership

  January 11, 2017

Are you ready to be a leader?

Probably not to be honest, but that's OK, because most leaders are made, not born – all it takes is a bit of practice and confidence in what you do. But that will take time, so when you get the job or your dreams through HappyWork, don't be disheartened if you're about to turn 30 and you're still not a leader – that's OK!

Being a good leader is an immensely complicated skill, and actually not one that everyone strives toward, so if you have no aspirations to be a leader and would rather just be a kick-ass expert in your job, then go you. There's no rule that says everyone should want to lead others (and let's be fair, history shows that not everyone should lead others).

But for those that do want to lead, what's it all about? For a start it's not about knowing everything and solving every problem yourself; it's actually about surrounding yourself with experts who can solve problems for you – think of yourself as the conductor of an orchestra, you make sure everyone is doing what they need to do for the music to sound good. You are not trying to play all the parts yourself (even if you can).

Unfortunately in university there are relatively few arenas where you can stretch your leadership skills, but if you really want to try then captaining a uni sports team, chairing a charity organisation or even setting one up yourself is a good place to start. Even volunteering to lead a group project is a good starting point, and a good thing to put on your CV.

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