Developing the skills graduate employers really want – Negotiation skills

  January 11, 2017

Showing off your negotiation skills to employers is one of the trickier skills to highlight, because unless you're a trained negotiator, you probably don't know you're doing it. But the truth is we all negotiate with others all the time – deciding which restaurant or film to go to with your friends, deciding which project topic to choose for your group assignment, or even trying to negotiate an extension on your coursework with a professor; all classic negotiation examples. Of course, as with all skills, some people are better at negotiation than others, but we all do it with varying degrees of success.

In business negotiation will be important when working with others on a project; trying to ensure you have the time or resources to do your job to the best of your abilities. So negotiation is about clearly defining your argument, presenting it in a convincing way and then working with other people to (hopefully) get what you want (or a rough approximation of it).

But you also have to know when to quit in a negotiation; if something isn't going your way but it's not actually that important, then as Frozen fans across the land will sing – let it go.

Not sure your negotiation skills are up to scratch? Then practise at home – negotiate with your friends and family as often as you can, even if it's over silly things like what to watch on TV or what to have for dinner, it's all helping to hone your skills, plus you might get your way occasionally.

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