Developing the skills graduate employers really want – Organisational skills

  January 11, 2017

I've just graduated university, of course I'm organised!

If only that were true.

But alas, many university graduates are some of the least organised people you'll ever meet; working deadline to deadline, missing classes, forgetting notes, prioritising fun over learning, while university is a great place to learn organisational skills, it's not a lesson everyone always takes on board. But while you may get away with it at uni, being poorly organised at work probably won't wash with your boss, especially if it means deadlines are being missed.

'No need to worry, I always get things done eventually'

The words of a practised procrastinator, and for many people this is how they navigate life, leaving everything until the last minute and just about getting it done in time, and while this may allow them to avoid punishment for incomplete tasks, it won't do much for their stress level.

The trick is to realise that being organised is actually there to benefit you, to reduce the stress of doing everything last minute, and allow you to enjoy that free time guilt free. Do this by learning to prioritise – what is important? what is urgent? what is time sensitive? what can wait?

Use the results of this brief questioning to plan your activities, and then get cracking on them (this is obviously the hardest part to do, but it's all about habit, just get into the habit of starting straight away and soon you won't even have to try).

Being organised is a skill that we could all benefit from improving, and one that actually makes a hell of a difference once you start using it. Not convinced? Do it for a week. Plan everything out with military precision and stick to it (even fun stuff) and see what happens. We're guessing you'll find things going your way a lot more often, and when it comes to those job applications you'll have so much more to say.

As part of your plan to get organised why not complete your HappyWork profile, and let employers come to you – that's one less thing you'll have to worry about.