Four Reasons to Complete Happy Work's Assessments NOW!

  February 07, 2018

If you are like many university graduates, you may be hesitant to take time from your busy schedule to complete the three tests on

We get it; we’re all busy these days; an hour can be a significant amount of time to spend on anything – particularly something that you’re not sure about. Let us put your mind at ease – here are four reasons why you should complete the three Happy Work assessments.

1.   Practice Makes Perfect –

More than 75% of Fortune 500 companies use psychometric assessments that are similar to the ones Happy Work is offering right now for free. Taking these assessments first could help you familiarize yourself with the tests and improve your score on later attempts … thus increasing your chances of getting hired!


2.   Overcome Career Choice Paralysis –

Some job sites list 20,000+ possible jobs for new graduates; leaving it up to the graduate to go through each one and determine if it is right for him or her. At Happy Work, we match exactly who you are with exactly who someone else would like to hire. You only see the opportunities that are compatible with your behaviors and skills.


3.   Get to Know Yourself Better –

Once you complete the assessments you’ll receive a unique, six-page behaviour report that you can use for career advice and direction. This is important because 1 in 4 UK-based university graduates leave their first job within 12 months. By better understanding yourself, you’ll be able to find work that doesn’t just deliver a paycheck but also leaves you feeling happy and fulfilled at the end of each day.


4.    Find Your Ideal Job –

Once you complete these assessments you will be instantly matched to a specific job for an employer who wants to hire you! Happy Work works with a wide variety of businesses and organizations looking to hire, such as Police Now. At this very moment, Happy Work is helping the British Police hire 21-23 year old recent university graduates into 19 of 43 British police forces nationwide.


So don’t delay another minute, take the Happy Work assessments now and discover your ideal job – while also learning more about yourself – all in just an hour or less. These assessments can give you peace of mind and put you on the fast track to career success! Plus, they are free for job-seekers.


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