How any degree can land you your dream job

  February 06, 2017

It used to be that you did a degree and after graduation you would find a job related to that degree. Marketing degree: you become a marketer; economics degree: you become and economics professor or financial advisor. But these days there are so many degree subjects to choose from, and so may jobs roles that it's almost impossible to make the two line up any more. Unless you're studying a highly specialist degree such as medicine, where the path is still very linear, most graduates will leave university with a degree based on their interests, and no real idea what they want to do with it.

Fortunately that's not such a big issue today as organisations are willing to take on graduates with degrees in virtually any subject in their graduate schemes, so theoretically any degree can land you your dream job these days. The difficulty remains in that very few graduates actually know what their 'dream job' looks like, and this is especially true if they are applying for a 'catch-all' graduate scheme. After all if you did know what your dream job was, you'd surely be applying for specific roles, right? But of you don't know what your dream job is, then how can any degree help you land it?

The answer is to forget the concept of a 'dream job' being a specific role based on something you've probably seen in a movie or something; a role you have no real clue about because you've never done it and no context for. Instead think about who you are and what a dream job would entail. What are your values, interests and strengths? Are you very outgoing, love speaking to others and are great at building rapport with others? Then perhaps you'd make a great salesperson, or maybe you'd be a phenomenal accountant for the very same reasons that make you ideal for sales. As graduates it's hard to appreciate the wealth of opportunities available out there, and so often you're forced to hone down your applications based on job description. But at Happy Work we want to help you find your dream job based on who you actually are; what you're good at, what you love to do, and what you value. Taking that information to match you with a company that needs someone like you, regardless of your degree, academic performance or work experience. If you're open to possibilities there's really no way to fail.