How does it feel to land the right job instead of any job?

  February 06, 2017

Wohoo – you've finally got a graduate job! And it feels pretty amazing doesn't it? Or does it? For a lot of graduates the feeling they get when they finally secure their first job isn't always one of elation, but rather one of unease. 'Have I made the right choice?' 'I'm not sure if I can do this job.' 'I don't want to have to do a two hour commute each morning', 'I'm not really sure this is the company for me'. 'I suppose I'll just get on with it'. 'I'll keep looking for another job in the meantime'.

That's what it feels like when you apply for and get 'any job'. Something many of us have experienced in our lives. But what does it feel like to land your dream job?

How about 'I'm so exciting, I know this is going to be amazing!' 'I can't wait for my first day'. ''I never want to do anything else!'

Many of us struggle to imagine what it would actually feel like to be working in our dream job, and assume that it's simply never going to happen, so why worry about it? But that shouldn't be the way we live our lives. Time is far too short to be wasting it working in a job that isn't quite right, so we want to help. Our aim at Happy Work is to help you find happiness at work, and we know it can happen because we've seen it. So if you want to increase your chances of finding your happy at work, fill in your profile today and we'll find you the jobs that match with who your are, not just what your degree is in.