How to cope when you're great at your job, but nobody else is

  March 18, 2017

A common aspect of almost all jobs is the need to work in a team from time to time. Perhaps people need things from you, or you need things from them in order to get stuff done. Whatever the dynamic, working with others towards a common goal is almost universal in the workplace. The challenge comes when you are good at what you do, but everyone else is pretty s**t. You're going about your day doing everything you need to, on time and to a high standard. Everyone else on the other hand seems to be bumbling around like a pack of morons, meaning nothing gets done, and you all end up looking bad. How the hell do you deal when people around you aren't performing?

Help them

To be clear: this does not mean you doing all of their tasks as well as your own, but if your project team don't seem to be coping with their individual tasks, then talk to them and see if there's a) a reason for it and b) anything you can do to help. It might be that team member B needs something from department X, and you happen to be on good terms with the head of X, so you can go talk to them about it and see what the hold up is. Or it might be that team member C has to use a certain piece of software to do their bit, and basically knows nothing about how to use it, so what should take five minutes actually takes them a week. Issues like this are exceedingly common, so don't jump to the conclusion that everyone is useless until you've made sure there's not an alternative explanation.

Raise it with someone more senior

When you've done your best to try and help your team and they still can't seem to get it together, you might have to talk to someone more senior about the issue. It might be that they can offer some advice on how to deal with certain individuals on the team, or it may be that they can speak with the individuals or the team as a whole to try and get to the root cause and instigate some change. But it's important not to blame any specific person for the problem or make out like you're the only person who can do anything (even if you are) because that's definitely not going to endear you to anyone. Be diplomatic in your approach, and not a finger pointing douchebag.