How to Find a Great Job Without Happy Work

  August 21, 2017

Let’s suppose you’ve completed the three assessments and Happy Work doesn’t presently have the job you’re looking for.


The first thing to remember is that your completed profile will remain active on Happy Work’s database, and over the next 12 months, many new jobs will be added. Whenever an opportunity appears for which you’re compatible, you’ll be notified by email.


The second thing to remember is there are other ways to find the right job after university.


For example, there are several free career advice quizzes, such as the Prospects’ Career Planner, which align your values and beliefs to different job titles.


Research the 7-8 “compatible” job titles and shortlist 3-5 which you could imagine yourself doing. Next, call graduate recruitment agencies and register on several job boards, such as Milkround and Reed. Request alerts for the job titles you’ve chosen.


If you manage to secure an interview, research the employer’s “core values”. This will give you insight into who the employer would like to hire for their available role.


Happy Work matches your identity with the values of many different graduate employers.

The point of this article: There are less efficient ways to achieve the same goal, to start your career in the best way possible.