How to get a good job with a 2:2 or lower

  February 06, 2017

Worried about the impact your 2:2 degree is going to have on your chances of getting a good job? It's a valid fear, as a lot of the big names companies simply won't consider a graduate with anything lower than a 2:2. But let's be realistic, just because you didn't excel in your exams doesn't mean you won't make a kick-ass employee if given half the chance. Unfortunately a lot of companies are simply not willing to give that chance, so what are you to do?

The answer is to focus on everything else you have to offer as an employee. So what if you slipped up in your exams, don't let that impact your own belief in yourself. You are not, and shouldn't be defined by your degree grade, so don't let it overshadow everything else you have to offer. Make a big song and dance about what you can do, what you are excellent at, and how you know you can contribute to a company and excel in a role.

Of course the challenge is that from the get go you're likely to be dismissed from traditional recruitment routes because they will see 2:2 and drop your application in the bin. But there are ways around this; a lot of organisations are coming to realise that there is much more to graduates' applications than their degree, and in fact many now see that using just the criteria for a degree and past experience is simply not enough to tell which candidates are truly right for their vacancies. This is actually why Happy Work was established, because so many companies weren't finding the right people for their roles, and so many brilliant graduates were being dismissed because they weren't perfect on paper. But with our approach you can shine by being who you are, and your degree score can take a back-seat, meaning no matter what you were awarded, you have the chance to be found by an organisation looking for someone just like you.