How to stay positive in job hunting

  February 13, 2017

Whether you are due to graduate shortly or have been out of university for a little while, then job hunting is probably the top thing on your mind (assuming you haven't already got yourself an awesome job – if so, go you!). But over time the stress of job hunting can easily wear you down. Filling out application after application, and either hearing nothing or getting a stream of rejection e-mails to your inbox understandably damages morale. But don't get disheartened, because the job of your dreams is out there, you just need to know how to survive the job hunt battle ground.

Know that it's not just you

Perhaps a few of your university colleagues have already got 'the best job ever' and are plastering it across social media, making you feel like an utter loser because you haven't even got an interview yet. But don't trick yourself into thinking you're the only one in this boat because you are definitely not! Job hunting is a rough gig for everyone (except those lucky few, and they really are the minority, who get jobs through family or blind luck). Don't start thinking the world is out to get you, just know that job hunting is hard, competitive and takes a while, and take solace that it's not just you who's struggling.

Tart up your CV

If you really are struggling to get an bites on your applications then do some fancy work on your CV and try to find avenues to really shine. If you're a creative type, use this and make you're CV stand out; if you're not overly creative then you can still have a kick-ass CV, you just need to write the truth about yourself, not just write what you think companies want to hear. And see if you can get some feedback from companies who did reject you to find out why, and use this information.

Resist the urge to apply to anything and everything

It's one thing being rejected from an amazing opportunity that you know there's a lot of competition for, but it's entirely soul crushing to be rejected from roles that you didn't even want and are actually beneath your skill level. Resist the urge to start applying for any jobs where your heart is not in it, and remain focussed on jobs that actually do sound interesting, because once you do hear back you won't have to think twice about accepting, and you don't have to experience the crush of being rejected for something you're hideously overqualified for (FYI – this is normally the reason you've been rejected).