How to tell if you like your job

  March 12, 2017

For many of us we know when we are unhappy at work; it may take a while but over time we come to recognise the symptoms of dissatisfaction – stress, reluctance to go in, slacking off. But when it comes to recognising when we are actually enjoying our work, this can be a hell of a lot harder to identify. The trouble is that we are exposed to a lot of 'fake' happiness, and are inundated with the views and expectations of others, so much so, that a lot of us struggle to identify when we are actually feeling quite content. It also feels like it's much more acceptable to be moaning about things with our friends and families, whereas telling someone you're really happy feels a bit like bragging so we tend not to do it. All of this combined means that actually identifying when you are in a job that makes you happy can be really tricky. So to help, we've come up with some tell-tale signs that you might actually like your job.

When people ask 'how's work?' you say 'OK' and mean it

For most of us 'OK' is the go to response when anyone asks us how anything is, but normally it's tinted with sadness or regret that immediately let's the listener know that nothing is OK. But once in a while we respond with 'OK' and it really means 'OK', and what that really means is 'everything is great, but I don't want to brag!' So next time you respond to 'how's work' listen to your own response, and check whether you meant your 'OK' or not.

You don't absolutely dread going in

Perhaps you hate getting up, despise your commute, and feel absolutely knackered by the time you get there, but if it's not the actual job that's making you feel miserable, it might just be that you enjoy what you do, just not all the bits that surround it.

You smile more than you scowl

Every job has its ups and downs, so you can't expect to be walking around smiling like a Stepford-wife all day, but if you find yourself smiling more than scowling (or even just not scowling all day) then odds are you probably don't hate your job (at least not completely).

You aren't constantly looking for other jobs

Being on the constant look-out for other jobs is a pretty clear giveaway that you hate what you do, so if you're not spending your lunch break and evenings looking for something else, either you think you can't do better or you don't hate your job (we hope it's the latter).

It really is possible (and even advisable) to enjoy your job, and while no one will ever love their job 100% of the time (despite what people may tell you), it's important to recognise when you are enjoying what you do, and be proud of that fact.