Is the apprenticeship levy going to kill the grad scheme?

  February 13, 2017

If you've been keeping an eye on the news lately, then aside from the updates on Brexit and the latest antics of the US president, you may have hear the term apprenticeship levy being batted around a fair amount. Most of the focus has been on the financial impact it's going to have on large companies across the UK, but the truth is that it's also going to have a huge impact on job hunters, especially graduate job hunters, as organisations are having to re-purpose money in order to pay the extra tax placed on them. As a result a lot of the large organisations that could, in the past, be depended upon to offer a wide range of graduate job vacancies, will likely be cutting these down significantly in order to focus on apprentices.

The fact is that as of April 2017, the era of the graduate will be over. Apprentices will the new graduate scheme, and this is going to cause some significant issues for those graduating from universities as competition is likely to much fiercer, and generic graduate schemes are likely to be less common, with companies instead focussing their efforts on securing graduates in areas where they know they will be needed.

How this will impact graduate recruitment in reality is still not 100% clear and it won't be until businesses have had an opportunity to assess the practicalities of balancing apprentices and graduates. But there's definitely no counting on a graduate job once the switch is made. How then can graduates make sure that they are maximising their chances of applying their degree in the best way, in the right company? The answer is the same that organisations are likely to apply: focus your efforts on securing a graduate job that actually fits your skills, knowledge, interests and values, and luckily that is where Happy Work can help.