Job application success series – Research

  February 20, 2017

You've started being strategic about your job hunt, only applying for those that fit your personal criteria – great. You've sorted out your CV, so it shows off who you are, in a truthful way, and you've taken the time to tailor it for the job you're applying for – fab. And finally you've got the call/e-mail/WhatsApp message to say you've been invited for an interview – amazing!

Of course you're perfect for the job, you've got all your answers to the questions they're going to ask rehearsed, and you're feeling good. But how much research have you done into the company? Hopefully you did a bit before you applied, but now you've got the interview you need to get serious. Why? Because not only do you want to demonstrate that you've actually put some effort into your application during the job interview, but you also want to know if the company is really right for you. When you're just applying for a job you may not be too bothered about gathering this information because you don't know if anything will come of your application. But if you've been invited to interview you need to get serious. So what should you find out?

Basically as much as you can – read the news, find out about who they are, what they do, who their customers are, where they operate and if you can, what it's like to work there. You might also want to find out about their financial performance if you can; are they doing well and growing, or have they been hit by some trouble in recent times? This information may influence your decision if you're offered the job – is it going to be worth it, if it looks like they're going under any day now?

Having this information to pull on not only makes you look well-informed, but it also give you the chance to ask real questions at the end of the interview which looks great to interviewers, instead of the cliched 'what are the progression opportunities?'. In essence knowledge is power, so make the effort to enhance your knowledge and grow your power in the job hunting world.