Managing job envy

  May 03, 2017

Job envy – we've all been there. You and your friends all seem to be struggling along in the graduate job hunt, when BAM one of your uni buddies suddenly lands the job of their (and your dreams). You're super happy for them, of course, but there's no denying you're also probably a tad jealous. Especially if you have yet to land a job at all. It's totally natural to have some less than supportive thoughts, e.g. 'how the hell did they manage that? They're not even that smart!' or 'I deserve that job way more than them'. But unfortunately, this isn't going to a) make you feel much better or b) help you land that dream job of your own. So here are some tips on dealing with the job envy when it inevitably strikes:

Remember no job is perfect – sure working for Google or getting a job that can pay off your student loan in one pay-check certainly sounds great and will definitely have its perks. But remember that no job is perfect. Maybe your friend is going to have a hellish commute, or have to work crazy long hours to succeed – whatever it is, there will be some downsides, and it can be helpful to remind yourself of this when you're going green.

Ask yourself – is it a job you even want? - again working for a well-known brand or getting a great graduate salary is fantastic, but only if you're actually doing a job you'd enjoy. So if your best friend has landed a web design job for Microsoft, but your dream is to work in HR, and you think web design is the most boring thing ever, then it makes it easier to overcome to envy.

Keep at your own job hunt – if you think you are just as deserving of a top job as your friends, then go out and find one. Don't let self-doubt and resentment hold you back, and if you're struggling via the traditional route, then try something different. Happy Work is designed to match you up with the perfect job for you; fill out your profile today and you can land something you really enjoy, and make all your friends jealous instead.