Season One Preview: Finding The Right Job

  August 01, 2017
For the next five seasons here at Happy Work, we’ll be following Tony, a recent graduate who needs lots of advice. For starters, let’s say that Tony has a business degree from a UK university, and while he worked a few part-time and summer jobs over the past few years, he is now looking for his first “real job.”

But looking for the job is only part of the picture, because like all other graduates, Tony wants a job that sets him up for future success in terms of money, respect, work-life balance, and all the other things that matter to him and his inner circle of friends and family.

Episode 1: Preparing for Interviews

A long time ago, Chinese thinker and military strategist Sun Tzu wrote that “Every battle is won before it is fought.” That proverb may not be 100 percent true, but it speaks to the necessity of preparation.

First, Tony must read and interpret a job description, aside from the salary, to see if it really interests him and to determine if he is qualified. Next, Tony needs to research a company, to determine exactly what the firm does, who its clients are, and what the company stands for (or opposes). Finally, Tony needs to know about what it is like to work at the company, and it is not always easy to find reliable information on this subject.

Episode 2: The Interview

All through school, Tony heard the expression that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” but very few people bothered to tell him how one makes a good first impression, and he has lots of questions.

This episode will try to answer many of these questions, including what to wear, what time to arrive, what to bring, what to say, and what not to say.

Episode 3: Success at Work

Everyone has different definitions of “success.” We mentioned some of them above, such as money and prestige and so on. Like all other graduates, Tony wants to be successful, and like almost all other graduates, Tony isn’t exactly sure what success really means, and he has even less of an idea how to get there.

Episode 4: Finding Satisfaction at Work

Success is usually an end result, such as the size of a paycheque or the number of TV seasons you can binge-watch on Netflix each month. But finding satisfaction is an everyday affair, and Tony, like many of the rest of us, needs to know how he can ride the tube home with a feeling that he accomplished something that day.

Episode 5: Knowing When to Leave

Nothing lasts forever, and in fact, most people change jobs about twelve times during their working lives. Tony wants to work at his first job long enough to establish himself and demonstrate his staying power, but he also wants to move onto bigger things. How will he know the difference between leaving too soon and staying too long?

Join us on our journey, and we’ll explore these questions.