The Importance of Making Your Boss Look Good

  August 21, 2017

This article explains why and how you should learn what’s expected of your boss.


By the time you start that great job, we strongly recommend you find out who evaluates your performance. You want to know what constitutes “success” for them.


A great place to begin: See how your manager describes their role on LinkedIn.


Another way to learn what’s expected of you: Save the job description you responded to.

In it, your boss probably revealed what success in the role will look like.


All this may give you a clear idea of what you can do to make your boss look good.


If your goal is to put yourself in line for promotion, profit and insight, solving the boss’ problems might just be the best way to get there.


Lesson from this article:

Understand how your boss is measured and how your performance is linked to her/his success. This will help you focus on the activities that matter most.