The lure of the grad scheme and why it's not right for everyone

  February 20, 2017

For a lot of graduates the ultimate aim in terms of their career is to get a place on a formal graduate scheme with one of the 'big' companies. Organisations such as PwC, Coke, Google are extremely appealing to graduates, and as a result the application process onto grad schemes for these (and many other big name companies) is highly competitive, frustrating and lengthy. While this route is absolutely appropriate and desirable for many graduates, for many others, they simply apply for these schemes because they don't know what else is available to them.

If you go onto any grad job board, they are dominated by positions with companies like those mentioned above, highlighting the wonders of the graduating placement scheme, to such an extent that it can be hard to find any other option. So rather than trying to find a role and company that actually suits them, a lot of grads will apply for these well-known opportunities, and will normally be disappointed as a result.

With promises of good salaries, exciting opportunities, and the chance to work for a big, well-known company, it's understandable why so many grads are lured by these opportunities. But for many people this cut-throat, competitive approach to job hunting is not right for them, and a graduate scheme where you are rotated throughout the business to help you decide on the right path once the scheme completes is also not always the best approach. Some individuals are looking for something different, yet finding that something different isn't always easy.

This is part of the reason we believe that graduate recruitment needs to change; in reality the opportunities available to graduates is virtually endless, but the way it is presented currently makes it appear as if there are only certain options open. As a result graduates end up taking on roles they aren't really interested in, just for the prestige that accompanies working for a big name, and may end up leaving quickly because it's just not right. At Happy Work we want to offer graduates the chance to get off on the right foot with their career from the very start. Matching employers and candidates based on more than degree qualification and a brief work history. Allowing individuals access to a much greater pool of vacancies, with a wider range of companies, because we know not everyone wants to the same thing from a job. If you want to join the graduate recruitment revolution, then fill in your Happy Work profile today and we'll help you see past the lure of the grad scheme, and get a role that is actually right for you.