The most annoying things about grad job hunting

  February 27, 2017

Nobody enjoys job hunting, it doesn't matter how many years' experience you have in the job market, it is quite frankly a pain. But being a graduate, there are some particularly frustrating things about the process:

1. Feeling bound by the title 'graduate' – there are so many amazing jobs out there that you know you could do if you were given half a chance. But, because you are 'just a graduate' you probably have no hope, so why would you even bother applying? (Hint: still apply because you never know....)

2. You don't actually know what you want to do for a career – how in Pete's name are you supposed to apply for the right job, when deep down you actually have no idea what you want to do. At this stage you could be a doctor, a fitness instructor or a fire-fighter; any one of those could be the perfect job, but because you've never done any of them, you can't possibly know. Pretty annoying when it comes to actually searching for a job

3. The 'help' of graduate recruitment consultants – you want a job, they have jobs they can recommend you for – a match made in heaven right? Hmmm, not so much when your 'helpful' consultant is constantly recommending you for jobs you have no interest in, but they think you'd be great for (and would earn them a nice juicy commission cheque). Nice to have the help, but only if they are really trying to help you and not just themselves

4. Constant update requests from friends and family – 'ooh, how's the job hunt going?' 'Have you got a job yet?' 'You know I can put in a good word for you with Tony down the bank if you need some help?' It's nice that people take an interest, but let's be fair, if and when you do get a job, you will probably tell these people, so they should really just assume that if you haven't said anything you don't have a job. Yet they always ask....

5. The constantly changing application systems – it's a problem faced by all job hunters, but seems to be far more prevalent with graduate jobs; it seems that every application requires you to create a user name a password, they all have different competency tests, and they all ask for different things from you. It gets to the point where it's so exhausting trying to keep up with constantly changing demands that you choose your potential jobs based on the tediousness of the application process. Only the very best jobs deserve anything more than a quick CV upload and a cover letter, because you start thinking to yourself that odds are you won't get the role anyway, so why put in any extra effort than you absolutely need to.

Job hunting is genuinely hard work and seriously draining both physically and emotionally, and all of the issue highlighted above are part of the ongoing reason that graduates aren't finding the jobs they deserve and why companies aren't finding the graduate employees they need. Luckily Happy Work just so happens to provide a solution to each an every one of the problems mentioned above. With our revolutionary approach to graduate recruitment you don't have to feel bound by your 'graduate' status and you don't even have to know what you want to do because we match you with jobs and employers based on who you are, not what degree you've done. And there's no need to worry about graduate recruitment consultants because everything is handled directly by you and the employer; they simply specify what they need from a candidate, you detail all your skills and attributes, then we match you up. And the best part is you only have to fill in one profile, one time and you will be matched with all the companies looking for someone like you, so with one profile you could get interview offers from any number of employers, helping improve the odds of you getting a job that's perfect for you.