The Real World: A Rude Awakening

  June 26, 2017

Holborn tube station gets so crowded during rush hour, TFL have banned walking on its escalators. Commuters must stand still in single file, packed in by the thousands of other professionals who are forced to do the same.    


For many, this is the world of work; a rude awakening from their indulgent life at university. 

If you’re based in a big city, the morning commute will be tricky. This is the only the beginning. For the first three years of your career, at least, your lack of professional experience and work exposure puts you at the bottom of the pecking order.

A question we're often asked: "How do I excel from the bottom of the pecking order, to a role that offers more money and freedom?" 

Here are six tips for making rapid progress early-on:

  • ASK for a personal mentor or somebody in the organisation that can help you navigate the unwritten rules and culture of the organisation; 

  • Sharpen your listening skills: Try to pick up important facts, names and abbreviations commonly used in your workplace;  

  • Do not take on more than you can handle in a bid to please others. The tasks you do take on, do well and deliver on time;  

  • Expand your network and introduce yourself to others within your new organisation and outside. Research has shown that people with a wider; network (even a superficial network) of contacts are more successful; (See social psychology's "Familiarity principle" for more information.)

  • Research and learn your area of work in detail. Becoming a subject matter expert in a specialist area can make you invaluable to others and the “go to” person. You will quickly earn people’s trust in your judgement; 

  • Understand how your boss is measured and how your performance is linked to his/her success. This will help you to focus on activities that matter the most. 

Following these tips will help you to succeeed in very difficult circumstances.

Market research has found that:  

  • 1 in 4 university graduates leave their first job within 12 months.

  • 1 in 2 university graduates leave their first job within the first three years.

  • 1 in 4 begin a completely new career within three years of graduation.  

Many students have no idea what to do after university.

How will you make sure that you begin in the right direction? 

Simply put, the answer is


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With plenty of hard work, the journey will be worth it.


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