The reason people don't appreciate what you do

  March 24, 2017

There's nothing more annoying that when you work your little tail off, and don't get any recognition or reward for it. It's all well and good working hard for hard work's sake, but let's be honest, none of us work because we really want to, we do it because we have to and it's simply more enjoyable if you get the occasional 'thanks'. Aside from feeling good, it's also useful when people show their appreciation for what you do because it helps you know when you're doing something right – but if people don't tell you, how the heck are you supposed to know? Of course when you do something wrong you never hear the end of it, so in some ways 'no news is good news', but that doesn't change the fact it would be nice to be recognised sometimes.

Normally the reason people don't appreciate what you do is because you are just expected to do it; it is your job after all, so why should you get a pat on the back every time you do something on your job description? Perhaps you shouldn't, perhaps your boss is completely in the right when they ignore your contribution and that's just the way it should be. But to be totally frank, we don't accept that. Yes you should be expected to do your job, but you don't have to work at that company; you chose to work there, and they should be grateful for that (assuming you're actually doing a good job of course). And if they want to get the best out of you, then they need to start saying thanks, because we all like to be appreciated, and when people let us know they're grateful for what we do, we're more likely to put extra effort in. So how can you start to make this happen?

Do it yourself – if you want to be appreciated by others, then you have to appreciate what others do too. It can be extremely hard to show gratitude to your boss or colleagues when they just ignore your efforts, but trust us, the more your recognise the efforts of others, the more they'll start doing the same to you. Give it a go and see.

Find a company where this is the default approach – believe it or not, but some companies actually do this recognition stuff really well, so find a job with one that does, and you hopefully won't have to battle to get the recognition you deserve. If being appreciated for your works is something important to you, then our career portal can help you find companies that value this too, so you can find a company that does it automatically.