The role of recruitment consultants in finding your perfect grad job

  February 13, 2017

If you are a graduate job seeker then you have probably considered every possible avenue available in order to find a suitable job, which means you have almost certainly come across the 'graduate recruitment consultant' during your hunt. These are the individuals or agencies that promise to find the right candidates for a company, and if you're a job seeker, tend to hound you if they think they've found something you're interested in. There are definitely pros and cons to working with recruitment consultants, so it's worth bearing in mind it's not the right route for everyone.


Typically a recruitment consultant will only refer your application to a company if they think you are the right person for the role, so generally if a consultant calls you to arrange an interview you have a reasonable chance of doing well. This is the primary reason businesses use recruitment agencies in the first place, to hand control over to them and they just do the picking. However....


Because a recruitment consultant doesn't actually work for a company they don't always fully understand exactly what it is that the organisation wants, and this means that they may refer an entire group of candidates who are completely mismatched with what the company expected. This causes frustrations for you and the company you applied to. You also don't get an opportunity to ask any questions about the company before the interview as often the consultant won't know the answers, so if you're invited to an interview you have to wait until then to find out what you want to know, which again can waste time and effort. But one of the biggest issues is that recruitment consultants are paid commission for each candidate they refer, so quite often they will refer you for roles you have no interest in simply to fill a quota for the company, and they can also become quite hounding in their approach when they are desperate to secure someone.

Overall recruitment consultants have a role in the traditional approach to graduate job hunting, but as you may have noticed; at Happy Work we are so over the traditional approach. We think recruitment works best when you cut out the middle-man, and companies and candidates can assess each other directly. After all it's you that knows what job you want, and it's the company that knows what kind of candidate they want, our aim is to allow companies and individuals to meet via our application, and allow the perfect match to be made, without all the hassle that normally comes with it. If you'd like to be part of the recruitment revolution, then fill in your Happy Work profile today.