Think getting a job you like doesn't matter?....Read this

  March 26, 2017

Ever talk to your friends about your jobs? Ever hear them (or you) say something along the lines of: 'I hate my job, but it's fine – it's just something to pay the bills right?' Does it make you weep inside? Because it should. For most of us the primary purpose of getting a job is to make sure we can survive, that much is true, after all who hasn't dreamt of giving up work the second we win the lottery? But work is actually so much more than just a means to paying the bills, or at least it should be.

Think about this: how long do you spend at work? Typically if you are a graduate in your first real job it will probably be around 8 hours a day, normally five days a week. That's 40 hours a week at least (way more for some of the more intense jobs out there). And how long do you spend talking about work? 'Not much' is probably your response right now, but consider a typical conversation when you meet someone for the first time, aside from 'what's your name?' what do you normally ask someone: that''s right 'and what do you do?' Now if you love what you do then this is a question you might look forward to. But if you hate what you do, then having to talk about it with strangers (or even people you know) who might be genuinely interested in hearing about it can be downright painful. Then there's all the conversations you have about jobs and careers with friends and family in the course of keeping up to date on each other's lives. All of this means you actually spend a lot of time, not just at work, but talking and thinking about work – so if you don't like what you do that's a lot of energy being wasted on something you hate.

The fact is that you spend the majority of your waking hours at work, and you spend a lot of time talking and thinking about it outside of this time, so it's pretty damn important to like what you do. Just for comparison, think about taking up a new hobby; you decide to try it to see if you like it. After a few sessions of tennis/gymnastics/kitesurfing/whatever it is, you decide that it's not right for you. Do you continue to waste you time doing it even though you don't like it? Of course you don't. That would be ludicrous; you've only got so much time, you want to spend it wisely. At Happy Work we believe the same principle should be applied to work; yes you have to work in order to pay bills etc. but that doesn't mean you have to do something you don't enjoy, in fact it would be better for everyone (you, the company and the people you talk to about your work) if you did enjoy what you do, because quote frankly, no one wants to hear you moan about it all the time and the only way to avoid this is to find something you like. If all this is making some sort of sense to you then fill out your Happy Work profile today and we'll help you find a job you actually like and are good at, so you can stop wasting your time and everyone else's.