What's life after uni really like?

  February 13, 2017

#LifeAfterUni often sounds so full of promise and excitement when discussing it with friends and family. The world if your oyster, as they say, and opportunities seem endless. But as many disgruntled graduates will likely tell you, the realities are often far removed from the dream. Very few graduates end up in their perfect job from day one, and even fewer go on to become a millionaire/billionaire by the time they are 25. We know it sounds gloomy, but the truth is that life after uni is actually pretty hard, and that hard work all starts with the job search.

A lot of uni students will think they know exactly what it is they want to do when they graduate, whether it's to become a psychologist, a teacher, a millionaire, or a doctor. We all have dreams based on what we've been told by others, and what we've seen on TV. And yet if you ask a lot of university graduates, barely any end up in the jobs they thought they would. Sometimes this is because their dream job wasn't actually what they expected, and even more common is that they never even got the chance to find this out, and just fell into something else and stayed there.

So for a lot of people life after uni is a frustrating experience; job hunting is hard, boring and often fruitless. Sometimes it leads where you want to go, but often it ends in landing a job that is also hard, boring and fruitless. But don't despair, because it really doesn't need to be this way. The root cause of a lot of these problems is the current graduate recruitment method; one that doesn't allow grads to really shine in their applications, and forces companies to make blind decisions about who to hire. That is why Happy Work is starting a recruitment revolution; we want to change the way graduates find jobs, and they way employers find grads. We make it easy for you to showcase who you are, not just what degree you got, and get yourself in front of top companies who need people just like you. We don't want #LifeAfterUni to be one of frustration and disappointment, so we're leading the way in making sure it's not.