What's motivating your job hunt?

  February 13, 2017

If you are a recent or soon to be graduate, then you are probably in the full throws of job hunting. Looking for what's available, deciding what might be right for you, and hopefully securing a few interviews for roles you think you'd enjoy. But if you are struggling with the last part it might be time to think about what it is that's motivating your job hunt? Is it passion for a particular area of interest, or is it a desire to move out of the family home and finally start making some money?

For a lot of grads the hunt starts out being motivated by a passion for their chosen subject area, but quickly devolves into an all-out man-hunt for all and any jobs that they think they have a shot of getting whether it's relevant or not, interesting or not. And this is how so many graduates wind up in jobs they hate, and why one in four move companies within a year. Another common scenario is being lured by the promise of high salaries and foregoing their passion, and while this is alluring for a short while, the boredom quickly sets in and they're on the move again.

The difficulty is that finding a graduate job that actually fulfils all the criteria required to make it a 'dream job' is incredibly difficult, and it does take time. Add to this pressure from friends and family, and competition between graduate alumni, and it's easy to see why the tables begin to turn so quickly. And to be honest a lot of graduates aren't even aware this turn is happening, instead telling themselves to 'just find any job for now, and we'll keep hunting for the one'. But while this may seem sensible on a financial level (after all we all need money), but the result is you either end up in a job you don't love for far too long, or have to do the job hop dance for years while you chase down the one. So while you are still job hunting, keep an eye on what is motivating your hunt. If you start to find yourself slipping into the 'I'll take any job' mentality, then just remember that this approach won't benefit you in the long run, as you'll just spend years doing the same hunt. Focus on what it is you really want in a job, and if you're not 100% sure what that is, then fill in your Happy Work profile and we'll help you figure it out, and even match you with a company that needs someone just like you.