Why being a millennial is a good thing for your career

  March 23, 2017

If you ever google the word millennial, then the first thing you'll see, besides explanations of what the term means, is things like 'me, me, me generation', 'job hoppers' and 'self-important'. In short, millennials are generally looked upon by the older generation with a degree of derision; unprepared for work, only able to communicate through technology, and out for themselves. Not a pretty picture. But don't believe the hype; being a millennial is actually a good thing for you career and the organisation you decide to apply you skills to. Here's why:

You want to make your mark on the world. You want to be something, and do something important.

Unlike many of the older generation, a lot of millennials are keen to find a job that matters to them, not just one that's going to pay the bills. And because of that, when you do find a role that fits this criteria (which is exactly what Happy Work is here to help with BTW), you are going to apply the hell out of yourself to make sure you make your mark. For a lot of older employees they believe that their time to do this has already passed; and as a result they are basically just whiling the away the hours at work, probably not putting 100% effort in, because they just don't care as much any more. Perhaps they have families, and that's their priority now; or perhaps they have just resigned themselves to the fact that nothing they do will make much difference (we'd like to point out we're not saying this is actually the case, but it's what a lot of people believe).

As a millennial on the other hand, you are just starting out on your journey into the world of work, and you are (hopefully) brimming with excited optimism about what the future holds for you.  You want to prove you are better than the people that came before you; and you want to be better than the people that come after you. Maybe you want to do something that changes the world for the better, or maybe you just want to make your first million by the time your 30, whatever it is, you are primed and ready to put yourself out there in order to make that happen. You know you are capable of great things, and you want to find somewhere that will help you achieve these things. And that, my friends, is why you are important to organisations – and this is exactly what you need to tell them.