Why keeping healthy as a grad is so important

  May 11, 2017

When you're a graduate there's a lot of pressure to face, and with this pressure it's easy to let go of caring for yourself. Whether it's because you're having to work every hour under the sun to get the 'necessary experience' for you dream job; you're so skint you can barely afford to eat; or even that you just don't know where to start, there's a lot of reasons you might start slacking in taking care of yourself. But trust us, if you've found yourself slipping into this pattern, do whatever you can to stop it in its tracks now, because sadly, you're not going to be 21 forever.

But aside from that fact that age is eventually going to take its toll, the truth is that when you feel happy and healthy it's a lot easier to tackle whatever comes your way, and this means that success in your career, love life and everything else is much easier to come by. When you're not eating properly, feeling low in mood and forgoing exercise because 'you don't have time', you won't have the energy, enthusiasm or health to follow you dreams, and as a fresh university graduate, following your dreams is exactly what you should be doing.

So take care of yourself – eat as well as you can, exercise whenever and however you can, and definitely, definitely, take care of your mental health, because being a graduate is hard work and you need to be at your best, to achieve your best. Then use all your energy, drive and self-belief to become whatever it is you want to be. And if you're not sure what that is, let Happy Work help you find out. Above all, make the most of this time – you've worked hard to get here, so enjoy it!