Worried about finding a job when you graduate? Why getting an internship might be the key

  March 06, 2017

The task of finding a job after uni is literally one of the biggest fears graduates have, in fact it's probably part of the reason so many go on to post-graduate study – just to put it off a few more years. And it's no wonder it's such a source of stress; you've spent your entire life in education, barely dipping a toe into the world of work, and suddenly you're expected to join the fray, with no experience, and no clue what you really want to do. Not really the ideal scenario. But what can you do to help offset all of this – the answer could lie in an internship.

Hard to get onto, but so worth it, internships are a great way of getting exposure to the world of work while you're still studying, and helping you decide whether a certain company or role might be right for you. And what's even better in terms of post-uni job hunting is that research shows that a lot of people who complete internships with a specific company are significantly more likely to get a job with that company once they graduate, helping take a bit of the pressure of the whole job hunting thing.

Of course the big problem with an internship is that they are very, very competitive. Just like the 'top' graduate scheme placements, to get an internship you have to really prove yourself, and your willing. But it is actually easier in some ways as typically far less people will be competing for an internship, mostly because they don't know about them or how to apply, so your chances aren't as bad as you might expect. And whether you get a place or not, it's always worth applying, just in case, and in order to get some practise when it comes to writing an application. But even if an internship doesn't particularly appeal, or perhaps you've applied and not been successful, then there's no reason you can't get a great job after uni. It's all about finding a job that really fits you, and that is exactly what Happy Work is here to facilitate. So internship or no internship, we are here to help make sure you get the job of your dreams after uni. All you have to do is complete your Happy Work profile and we'll start matching you with employers today.